I earned a Masters in Professional Media Composition. I am the owner and founder of Soaring Music Productions which has been in business for 12 years, which has made a lot of headway in the music industry with notable credits in film, video games, TV and trailers, including *Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Madden, Brave, Lincoln, Winter Olympics along with multiple placements on network television including ESPN, Cinemax, Showtime, HBO and heard on shows such as WWE

In 2004, I founded VI Control Forum, an international community of media composers and producers which is active today with over 18,000 members. I also created another company called 8une™Inner Tempo which utilizes current state of the art brainwave technology, part of which I developed, to safely and effectively optimize the quality of life for the listener. Please check it out as there are reams of research which support this technology.

Soaring Music is also currently offering a custom CD service for intuitive practitioners, psychologists, authors and hypnotherapists who want to create guided meditations, hypnosis CDs and mp3s, audio books and guided imagery to support their clients. So whatever question you may have about your next audio production, please allow me to answer them and design the perfect production and experience for you.

Aside from my professional work in the music field, I’ve also dived into a rather deep study of different types of healing modalities using sound. I believe that music, among other things, holds a hidden key to deep and profound healing. I have observed that sound vibration is intrinsically linked to healing at the cellular level. The entire universe is comprised of vibrations. Music encompasses a rather small spectrum of vibrations of sound within a larger frequency totality comprising the universe.*

I am now offering Energy Work and Coaching Services as well, bringing with me a 40 year tradition of meditation, mindfulness, and an active thirst for learning about and integrating the spiritual traditions of East and West. I am also a graduate of the comprehensive Intuitive Practitioner Certification Course, a nine month intensive. I am here to open the doors and announce that I’m ready to assist you with a complete clearing of any and all energies that do not belong. I offer this in service of anyone who wishes to rediscover and align with their highest inherent awesome potential in every area of their life.

If you have any questions, great! Use the booking button below to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Thanks for visiting my page!

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* One way of looking at it, if every frequency in the universe was a note, the entire universe is essentially a huge score of music created by the Divine. One example is the color blue. Blue vibrates at a frequency of 606 THz (or 606 trillion hertz). If we reduce it by the law of musical octaves, we will eventually arrive at the audio frequency of 275.57 Hz which is close to D Flat – a musical half step interval above middle C on a piano (with the piano tuned to A=440 Hz standard). So D flat may represent a much lower octave of the color blue in audio of the actual color Blue in the light frequency spectrum! Further, I believe that each note can also represent a particular emotion which may also be measured in terms of frequency.