Create Your Meditation CD – finally


Personalized Recording

You create the script and Frederick will bring your voice to life with state-of-the art audio recording, supporting sound or music; and impeccable production. You will have a deliverable product that serves your clients with the care and professionalism you desire!

Post production to world class standards

Frederick will take your voice recordings, edit them to perfection and then add processing, compression, equalization for a custom, world class sound, considered “radio ready”.

Custom Sound & Music

Frederick will provide custom, royalty-free music for a more personalized audio experience. He will create a truly unique sound and with custom scores to your specifications. Frederick can include pre-produced royalty free music or original sound to match the precise instrumentation and impact you want for your clients. 

Custom Audio Services for the Professional Healer, Coach, Teacher or Author

Frederick Russ founded Soaring Music Productions in 2005 with the goal of providing high-quality, cost-efficient, original audio content for  local professionals, higher education institutions, and non-profits seeking to create personalized audio offerings for their clientele. Frederick’s focus is on co-creating audio-productions that best represent your vision and intent. If you are seeking to make a strong impact on clients with your unique audio-productions,

Frederick will guide you through the process with personal care and impeccable sound production.  He is a critically acclaimed composer for video-games, film trailers, network television and custom audio meditations for healthcare professionals*.

As a graduate of various energy healing modalities, Frederick uses his expertise in audio sound design, composition and production in combination with his intuitive sensibility. He delivers custom CD’s and mp3’s for psychotherapists, hypnotherapists; health-care professionals, professional coaches, intuitive and energy practitioners and authors.

Bring your voice to life with Frederick’s custom approach.  Call for your personal consultation today:  (248) 219-5982.

Example: Guided Meditation

by Lori Lipten | Inspired Heart

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