Over a decade ago, I founded an international community forum, an oasis for professional media composers worldwide.  I am very honored to say that it is still alive and well today with over 18,000 members and music enthusiasts worldwide.

I hold a Masters of Arts degree in Professional Media Composition. I have been a professional composer and music contractor for many years.  Notable achievements include: Score, Orchestration, Mixing and Arrangement for Activision Transformers Fall of Cybertron; Additional Music for EA Sports MADDEN13; Music for the Winter Olympics; Music for WWE, ESPN, Showtime, HBO; Music for Movie Trailer Advertising for “Lincoln” and Disney’s “Brave’.

In conjunction with scoring for Media, I am concurrently doing research for and implementing healing modalities in music, sound baths, and the use of cutting edge audio technology to heal and strengthen neural pathways as well as restore balance to the biochemistry of the brain.  I offer custom audio experiences in mp3 format designed specifically to support and optimize the listener’s effectiveness in business, relationships, prosperity, and their own personal life, self-care and well being.  I also provide custom guided meditation audios and music support for the yoga and health care practitioners.

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