I was raised in a culturally and spiritually diverse upbringing which combined both Buddhist and Christian traditions. I first stumbled upon my current spiritual path and journey however at the young age of 22.  I was introduced to a nuclear physicist, an awakened soul, who would eventually show me a profound and in-depth practice of light and how to heal myself and others with it (which I continue to do daily).

Aside from any worldly accomplishment (including a Masters in Professional Media Composition and producing and scoring music on AAA level video games, movie trailers, and additional music to the Olympics), my constant commitment to spiritual work has continued to encompass a large portion of my personal focus, attention and identity.

I believe that music, among other things, holds a hidden key to deep and profound healing. Aside from my professional work in the music field, I’ve simultaneously continued to thirst for knowledge to understand many different types of healing modalities using sound. In the process, I also learned methods that, while sound may not be part of some modalities, I have observed that sound vibration is intrinsically linked to healing. What I discovered that the entire universe is comprised of vibrations. Music encompasses a rather small spectrum of vibrations of sound within a larger frequency totality comprising the universe.

I am now offering my services, bringing with me a 40 year tradition of meditation, mindfulness, and an active thirst for learning about and integrating the spiritual traditions of East and West.  I am also a graduate of the comprehensive Intuitive Practitioner Certification Course, a nine month intensive. I am here to open the doors and announce that I’m ready to assist you with a complete clearing of any and all energies that do not belong. I offer this in service of anyone who wishes to rediscover and align with their highest inherent awesome potential in every area of their life.

My work is based on the idea that love is not an emotion alone, but is actually the seed of Source within us all. It is our journey, each one, to discover that unique spark within that has been planted there. It is for this purpose that I offer my services. Although my first order of business is to remove unwanted intrusive energies, my ultimate mission is to begin the process of facilitating the revelation of your own innate power, wisdom and love, and to ignite your highest and most noble destiny.


Energy that does not serve your highest good and interferes with thriving can be addressed through energy clearing. Any chronic condition involving depression, anxiety, addiction, adherence to false beliefs and concepts;  lack of confidence and self-esteem; sense of not belonging; suicidal feelings; may be traced to a presence of foreign energies that are not native to the soul. Any suggestion, within or without, that you are anything less than a divine consciousness inhabiting physical form (one who deserves liberation, joy, happiness, and a life of loving relationships, healed emotions, and breathing into the love of living) is a strong indicator that you may be a candidate for a Shamanic Energy Clearing. 

Shamanic Energy Clearing can enhance one’s insight, spiritual journey and personal healing process. If you feel called to schedule a session with me – even if you’ve never done anything like this before – you may be pleasantly surprised as to how much better things begin to feel energetically.

Benefits of Shamanic Energy Healing

  • Blocks are cleared
  • Stress reduction
  • Enhances connection to self; to others; to life
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves self-healing
  • Ability to move forward
  • Supports positive, clear thinking
  • Enhances capacity for meditation and improves intuition
  • Balances energy
  • Provides emotional, physical, mental relief

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To You as Potential Client:

My first service is to you as the Divine Being you are in actuality embodying in human form.  I acknowledge at the deepest level that you are now, have been and always will be this Divine Being of Light, Love, Wisdom & Empowerment. I will address and will continue to get permission from that Divine Being in you at all times to assist me in my work with the Archangels and your own Helping Spirits. I combine a method of spiritual cleansing, shamanic soul retrieval, power and essence retrieval (with past life references and clearings if deemed necessary), Angelic intervention, along Sacred Invocation and the use of the Science of the Spoken Word for a deep and thorough clearing of cords, intrusive energies, and of spirits who do not belong.  I will be walking with you, side by side, to the inner source of what may be contributing to any sense of despair, depression, anxiety or confusion. I will work with you to replace these with your own innate and ultimate joy, happiness, success and prosperity (which is now and will always be your Divine Birthright.)

* It must be noted that Energy Clearing is meant only as an addendum to and not as a replacement for standard health approaches readily available by local psychotherapists and psychiatrists. We may also refer you any number of local and qualified licensed mental health professionals if it is determined that the proper way to address your needs involves more of a standard western approach to your energetic needs.


Praise for Frederick’s Work

“Prior to working with Frederick I felt lost, afraid and alone. I felt like I was at a crossroad and didn’t know which way to turn. Although I had this incredibly beautiful life I was easily triggered by things and found it difficult to “snap out of it”. After Fredrick’s energy clearing, I immediately felt different. I now feel a deep sense of peace and calm. I feel connected again to myself and others. I can enjoy the present moment. I am able to step into my power and claim the direction of my life. I get triggered far less frequently and when I do, I am able to view what’s happening as the Observer. I am able to move through the emotions without getting “stuck” in them. They no longer have the power they once had on me. Frederick has a gift of seeing what does not belong and powerfully removing it. He can also clearly see what does belong: the Beauty, Power and Light that we are. Thank you Frederick, I am truly grateful.”–Rebecca S. 

“I had the profound honor of having a SoulAlkaemy healing session with the very wise, Shamanic Healer, Frederick Russ.  My soul connected with Frederick’s in Sedona, Arizona,  while attending a wonderful, Inspired Living Retreat, facilitated by the enlightened beautiful soul and Shamanic Healer, Lori Lipten. We visited beautiful sacred spaces, and learned tools to renew our mind, body and soul. We all shared and listened to one-another, and went on deep meditative journeys. It was restorative and healing ; yet, as my heart was opening, I began feeling vulnerable. Painful, unresolved feelings were coming to the surface. My tears flowed, and, I defaulted back to stuffing everything back down and putting up my armor. It became crystal clear, that my soul was deeply suffering, and to move forward, I needed to further address this intrusive energy.  I knew it was holding me back. I gravitated to Frederick. I could feel his healing energy from across the room. I reached out to him, explaining the deep suffering I was experiencing. He suggested a SoulAlkaemy session. I didn’t even know what that was. I had trust and faith, and set up a session. We connected via FaceTime, since I was out of state. We plugged in our headphones. Our physical distance did not matter at all. We were deeply connected.  He cleared my energy, and helped guide me towards releasing what I didn’t understand was holding me back, or was afraid to let go. I was bound to so much toxic crap that was trapped inside of me , by fear and ego.  Frederick worked with me, and helped me release pain and energy that was not serving me. I began feeling a shift, less fragmented, and more balanced.  Thank you, Frederick. I have a lot more clarity. The angst I have been walking around with, has profoundly dissipated. I know I’m a work in progress, like we all are, but it feels like I’ve gone thru a spiritual cleanse.” –Judy M.

“This Wizard’s energy healings of me has left me with a surprising number of new awareness in myself. I know his healings opened space for me: 1) To be more deeply aware of my own ability to continue to heal myself and others; 2) Epiphany after epiphany; 3) The awareness to remember who I AM; 4) A strong reminder that I am not alone; 5) Love.  A Grateful Soul.  I see you.” —Amy F.

“After sensing that I was carrying negative energy that was preventing me from living fully, I asked Frederick to clear that energy (and attachments) so that I could become better able to serve the Greater Good. It was an experience filled with healing light from the Divine. Frederick is a compassionate, caring, professional and I am grateful for his service and healing gifts that help me to better love and serve in life.” —Mabeth H.

“I’m still fairly new on my awakening in my spiritual journey, but, while on a retreat in Sedona I picked up an energetic, negative intruder that absolutely could have done damage to me both physically and emotionally if not for Frederick’s support. He picked up on it immediately and called in the archangels to help clear the energy. In moments absolutely everything changed. My shoulders and neck had immediate relief and my mood was balancing back from frantic to total relief. Since my session, I’ve called on the angels for help. I had never done that before this and I can’t tell you how much comfort I’ve received knowing that I have Michael, Rafael, Gabriel and FREDERICK on my team.” —Rachel C.

“I met Frederick through Lori Lipten and was honored by his presence as he worked on me energetically, clearing me from cords and other energies that did not serve me. Fredrick worked on me on a couple different occasions as needed. I immediately felt so much better. I had more energy, more focus and clarity and felt more emotionally stable after the healings and clearing that was performed by Frederick. I had also taken three of my daughters to him as well. He is incredibly compassionate, gifted and connected to spirit. I just can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for myself and my family.” —Doreen W.

I recently attended The Inspired Living Retreat with Lori Lipten where I had the pleasure of meeting Frederick. He is an amazing healer and I immediately signed up to do an energy clearing with him. For most of my life I have suffered from depression, anxiety and low self esteem. Frederick was able to relieve me from injuries I had incurred in my past lives and the negative energy they created. I immediately felt like a weight had been lifted. I feel much more in touch with my inner strength and light. —Jan D


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