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About Brainwave Audio Healing

By Frederick Alexander Russ, M.A.

The following references are in relation to studies and commentary from doctors about audio brainwave and its effects on those using these technologies.

Dr. Elmer Green,​ prominent biofeedback pioneer, reports increased learning ability, creativity, mental clarity, intelligence, and intuition… and positive changes in mental and emotional health. He said, “With the creation of new neural pathways, more choices are available. Herein lies the theoretical explanation for the amazing personality changes researchers have reported in subjects using technology to change brainwave patterns.”

Dr. Margaret Patterson​ has shown that certain frequencies in the brain dramatically speed up production of a variety of neurotransmitters. A 10 Hz (alpha) signal boosts the production and turnover rate of serotonin, a chemical messenger that increases relaxation and eases pain, and catecholamines, vital for memory and learning, respond at around 4 Hz (theta).

Delayed and Reversed Aging Researcher Robert Cosgrove, Jr., Ph.D., M.D​., a biomedical engineer, notes that “technologies altering brainwave patterns have great potential for promoting optimal cerebral performance … (and) long-term use may delay aging and deterioration of the brain traditionally associated with aging.”

NASA​ has been using EEG biofeedback for years to increase its pilots’ ability to concentrate.

Researchers Drs E. Green and K.S. Ozawkie​ report that, “theta feedback can be used for becoming aware of subconscious and superconscious aspects of mind in the same way that vipassana, a form of Buddhist meditation, is used. Vipassana is a meditation method in which the ‘witness’, or ‘observer’ aspect of mind develops. When mindfulness is achieved, the ‘I’ of a person is capable of watching what is happening in body, emotions, and mind without reacting. Experimentally, theta feedback and vipassana lead to states of ‘mindfulness’ that are so much alike that theta training might, without exaggeration, be called ‘instrumental vipassanaʼ.”

Candice Pert, Neuroscientist​, reports: “There’s a revolution going on. The present era in neuro-science is comparable to the time when Louis Pasteur first found out that germs cause disease.”

Physical Vitality

Vincent Giampapa, M.D. of Longevity Institute International and vice president of the American Society of Anti-Aging Medicine​, reveals that placing a listener in the alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns dramatically affect production of three important hormones related to both increased longevity and physical well-being: Cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin. Cortisol is the major age-accelerating hormone within the brain. It also interferes with learning and memory and is, in general, bad news for your health and your well-being. DHEA levels are a key determinant of physiological age and resistance to disease. When DHEA levels are low, you’re more susceptible to aging and disease; when they’re high, the body is at its peak — vibrant, healthy, and able to combat disease effectively.

Improved Mental Capability

A study by Dr Siegfried Othmer​, international leader in the field of neurofeedback and brainwave training, led him to conclude that brainwave training has exceptional effects on intelligence. On average, individuals experienced a 23% increase in IQ​. Individuals that began brainwave training with IQ levels that were less than 100 have been shown to enjoy IQ gains of 33 points on average, in addition to significant improvements in reading comprehension, memory related tasks and logic handling abilities. A year later, a follow up with those involved in the study found major improvements in self concept, creativity and concentration.

A study by Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D ​found that college students who used brainwave training technology drastically out performed those that did not in both academic tasks and by GPA.

An MD associate of Dr. Siegfried Othmer used brainwave training to treat a boy with an IQ of 70 who was labeled as mildly retarded. A year later this boy was retested and the improvements were startling; he scored 60% higher with an IQ of 112. This specific case is consistent with a myriad of similar cases that have been documented with children with sub 90 IQ scores. Dr. Siegfried Othmer says that “brainwave training clearly facilitates the organization of mental functioning.”

A 2003 study at Imperial College in London​ supports the notion that brainwave training improves cognition.

Increased Creative and Musical Ability in Musicians

Neuroscientists Tobias Egner and John H. Gruzelier​ recruited test subjects at the Royal College of Music, London’s elite school for promising young musicians. Some of the subjects learned, via feedback on a computer screen, how to control the slow waves in the alpha and theta ranges. After neurofeedback, the musicians’ abilities had grown enormously, according to expert evaluators.

Harnessing the Power of Deep Meditation

Director of the Institute for Advanced studies in behavioural medicine, Dr. Charles Stroebel, Ph.D., M.D.​, carried out a sequence of experiments on meditators in the 1970s. He discovered that during stages of deep meditation the brain wave patterns of meditators altered and both hemispheres of the brain were working in harmony together. When these same people were not meditating, one hemisphere was alternately dominant over the other and they were not working in harmony.

About Brain Entrainment

In October of 1973 a remarkable report “Auditory Beats in the Brain” by Dr. Gerald Oster of the Mt. Sinai Medical Center​ was published in the Scientific American. It explained, when tones of different frequencies were presented separately to each ear, pulsations called binaural beats occurred in the brain. This resulted in the whole brain becoming entrained to the internal beat and resonating to that frequency.

Science ushered in a new era in our capacity to learn, be creative, memorize, be in charge of our moods, lower stress, resolve unwanted behaviour patterns, and a multitude of other advantages, with the publishing of this remarkable paper in which Dr. Gerald Oster’s report discovered a technique called “entrainment” of brain wave patterns.

At the same time, Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences​ was also studying binaural beats. In countless experiments, using an EEG machine to observe the subject’s electrical brain wave patterns, Robert Monroe confirmed that he could without a doubt entrain brain wave patterns using binaural beats.

He also noted that the response did not only occur in the area of the brain accountable for hearing, or only in one or the other of the hemispheres, but rather the whole brain resonated, the waveforms of both hemispheres becoming identical in frequency, amplitude, phase, and coherence. Many other researchers have also verified this phenomenon.

Research by Dr. Lester Fehmi, director of the Princeton Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic​, and possibly the principal authority on hemispheric synchronization in the brain, also confirms that hemispheric synchronization and brain entrainment can be induced by binaural beats.

In a paper entitled “Tests of the Sleep Induction Technique” Dr. Arthur Hastings, Ph.D.​, describes the effects of individuals listening to a cassette tape specifically engineered to create binaural beats in the brain. In this particular case, the sounds on the tape were designed to slow the brain wave patterns from a normal waking “beta” brain wave pattern to a slower “alpha” brain wave pattern, then to a still slower theta pattern (the brain wave pattern of dreaming sleep), and finally to a delta pattern, the slowest of all, the brainwave pattern of dreamless sleep.

Hastings says: We were able to test the effects of the sleep tape on brain waves with an EEG machine through the courtesy of the researchers at the Langely-Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute, part of the University of California Medical School in San Francisco.

Dr Joe Kaniya, Director of the Psychophysiology of Consciousness Laboratory​, monitored the brainwave frequencies of one subject as he listened to the sleep tape. The chart recording showed a typical sleep onset pattern: initial alpha waves, then a slowing of the brain waves with sleep spindles, and finally a pattern of stage 2 and 3 sleep brain waves in the low theta range…the patterns in the various stages suggested that the tape was influencing the subject’s state.

Dr. Bill D. Schul​ also refers to this brain entrainment phenomenon:

Phased sine waves at discernible sound frequencies, when blended to create ‘beat’ frequencies within the ranges of electrical brain waves found at the various stages of human sleep, will create a frequency following response (FFR) within the EEG pattern of the individual listening to such audio waveforms. The FFR in turn evokes physiological and mental states in direct relationship to the original stimulus. With the availability of this means, it becomes possible to develop and hold the subject into any of the various stages of sleep, from light Alpha relaxation through Theta into Delta and in REM (dreaming).”

His conclusion was that “Binaural beat-frequency stimulation creates a sustaining FFR that is synchronous in both amplitude and frequency between the brain hemispheres. The ability to entrain brain wave patterns opens up an exciting world of endless and incredible possibilities. Many neuroscience researchers have expressed their excitement. “It’s difficult to try to responsibly convey some sense of excitement about what’s going on,” said UCLA neurophysiologist John Kiebeskind​. “You find yourself sounding like people you don’t respect. You try to be more conservative and not say such wild and intriguing things, but damn! The field is wild and intriguing. It’s hard to avoid talking that way… We are at a frontier, and it’s a terribly exciting time to be in this line of work.”

A Literal Revolution Happening the Brain Wave technology

Neuro-chemist Candace Pert of the National Institute of Mental Health​ commented: “There’s a revolution going on. There used to be two systems of knowledge: hard science chemistry, physics, biophysics on the one hand, and, on the other, a system of knowledge that included ethnology, psychology and psychiatry. And now it’s as if a lightning bolt had connected the two. It’s all one system — neuroscience…The present era in neuroscience is comparable to the time when Louis Pasteur first found out that germs cause disease.”

In certain brainwave frequencies the brain releases numerous highly beneficial substances, including human growth hormone.

Longevity & Beneficial Hormones Released During Meditation

In certain brain wave frequencies the brain releases numerous highly beneficial substances, including (HGH) human growth hormone. As we become older, the brain creates lesser quantities of these beneficial substances and we therefore develop various ageing symptoms and diseases.

Recent research performed by Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D​., a prominent anti-aging researcher and pastpresident of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, revealed that regular deep meditation dramatically affects production of three important hormones related to increased longevity, stress, and enhanced wellbeing: cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin.

At the slower Alpha and Theta brainwave patterns, production of DHEA and melatonin increases significantly. One study noted an increase in DHEA of as much as 44%. Some even had DHEA increases of up to 90%. Melatonin increases were even more astounding, with average increases of 98% recorded. Many participants even had increases of up to 300%. On the other hand, cortisol levels declined by an average of 47%. 



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