Month: April 2018

Inner Tempo adds a Meditation CD Service for Yoga & Health Practitioners

We now offer a custom CD’s and mp3’s recording service for psychotherapists, hypnotherapists; health-care professionals, professional coaches, intuitive and energy practitioners and authors who want to create their own guided meditation CDs. We do all of the pre and post processing to ensure your voice sounds at the highest professional level. Your guided meditation project will also include a gorgeous bed of royalty free music underneath your narrative. Each CD is fully mastered at redbook standard. For more information, please visit our Recording Services...

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SoaringMusic Partners with Sonic Prana, InnerTempo, Warrior Wisdom Online & Sacred Balance

SoaringMusic Productions, in business since 2005, providing exceptional music for professional media, is partnering up with InnerTempo (an advanced Brainwave and LifeStyle Optimization Technology), Sonic Prana (Zen meditations using singing Crystal Bowls, chimes, gongs for mindfulness and meditation), Sacred Balance (Shamanic Services dedicated to facilitating the return back to the Soul and Intuition), and Warrior Wisdom (a movement to promote the empowerment on the path to spiritual awakening, book due soon). We welcome each and every partner to our mission and purpose to promote music to inspire, enlighten & move...

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To musicians & creatives: did you know….

Brainwave OptimizationDid you know that research indicates that the continued us of Brainwave Optimization technology can result in an increase in synaptic activity and effectiveness related to creativity, focus and concentration for musicians and creatives? Read more...

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